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Video demonstrations can add significant assistance in understanding and implementing Motivational Interviewing in clinical practice. This section provides information about multimedia resources that can be utilized in learning and training Motivational Interviewing

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Motivational Interviewing Training Video: A Tool for Learners (Hettema, 2009)

The 3 DVD set contains over 4 hours of educational material, including:



Motivational Interviewing Step-by-Step (2012) - A 4 DVD Series by Cathy Cole


MI Training DVDs


















In the first video of this highly acclaimed series,Core Concepts, expert MI trainer and practitioner Cathy Cole first introduces the foundational principles; then numerous demonstrations and exercises, including actual session excerpts with Bill Miller, will allow you to practice MI techniques. Each subsequent video focuses on demonstrating, through a series of vignettes, various MI strategies applied to different stages of change.


The client sessions in each video occur in a diverse range of settings, from mandated substance abuse counseling to healthcare, schools, EAP and beyond. Increasing Importance addresses how to help clients who are unsure whether change is even desirable. Resolving Ambivalence tackles a central issue in MI—dealing with clients who haven’t decided which choice is the right one. And Building Confidence focuses on the helping clients trust their own ability to enact the desired change.


MI in Practice: The Edinburgh Interview (Jeff Allison Training, 2006)
CD providing individual learners and trainers with a multi-layered learning environment. At its core is a 50-minute digital audio recording and transcript of a real-life interview - a demonstration of highly skilful practice - between a community psychiatric nurse and a patient with an alcohol problem. This is a detailed case study of one patient’s treatment experience and its outcome. The main components of the CD run in new Listen & Read software that enables the user to hear the dialogue whilst following the transcript on-screen.


Engaging Motivation: Audio-visual material (Gilligan and Mason, August 2006)
We made these recordings primarily to use on our own Motivational Interviewing courses. We have been training on this topic for 20 years and wanted some demonstration material that was relevant to the work lives of our course participants in England and that would provoke discussion and understanding of motivational interviewing principles.

There are 6 scenarios each 15-20 minutes long. The scenes are unscripted role-plays using professional actors as clients. In addition Engaging Motivation 2 has been edited to provide collated examples of key skills and strategies.

The material is not intended to be self-explanatory or a stand-alone teaching aid. We anticipate that it might be useful in the following settings; For trainers, to be shown as part of a course accompanied by explanation and discussion. For course participants to refresh and continue their learning after attending a training workshop.
Availability: The material is available on DVD in a format that enables international use.


Drug and Alcohol Abuse (2006)
Hosted by Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, Featuring William R. Miller, Ph.D.
In Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Dr. William Miller demonstrates his approach to treating clients with problems involving substance abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse are a common presenting problem in therapy, second only to depression, so it benefits therapists to have an approach ready for this issue. Dr. Miller uses motivational interviewing, a Rogerian technique designed to increase a client's sense that he or she is capable of handling the problems they confront.

In this session, Dr. Miller works with a woman who has been in and out of recovery for use of various substances who is aiming toward reducing her substance use. By reflectively listening and pointing out her strengths, Dr. Miller guides the client toward recognizing other interests in her life with which she can replace drug and alcohol use.


William Miller on Motivational Interviewing
In this compelling interview, Miller discusses the evolution of Motivational Interviewing, the spirit of MI, and specific techniques that clinicians can begin applying immediately.


Motivational Interviewing: Professional Training Series, (Miller and Rollnick, 1998)

This series of two DVDs, produced at the University of New Mexico, is intended to be used as a resource in professional training, offering six hours of clear explanation and practical modeling of component skills. Because it is helpful to see how a method is practiced in various contexts, the tapes include clinical demonstrations of the skills of motivational interviewing, showing ten different therapists working with 12 clients who bring a variety of problems. Major sections include:


A. Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
B. Opening Strategies
C. Handling Resistance
D. Feedback and Information Exchange
E. Motivational Interviewing in Medical Settings
F. Phase 2: Moving Toward Action


Assessing Alcohol Problems Using Motivational Interviewing, (Sobell and Sobell, 2008)

In Assessing Alcohol Problems Using Motivational Interviewing, Dr. Linda Sobell demonstrates cognitive–behavioral motivational interviewing techniques for assessing a patient's alcohol use, and then she and

Dr. Mark Sobell discuss this useful approach for working with individuals with substance use disorders.


Motivational interviewing is a client-centered, directive method for eliciting intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving a person's ambivalence to change using open-ended questions, reflective listening, and decisional balancing. This nonjudgmental, nonconfrontational interviewing style is designed to minimize a patient's resistance. The goal is to construct an interaction with patients so they feel comfortable discussing their risky or problem behavior.

In this session, Dr. Linda Sobell works with a young man with a history of problem drinking whose recent break-up with his girlfriend triggered increased risky alcohol use. Dr. Sobell assesses his readiness for change and then interviews him about triggers, behaviors, and cognitions associated with his drinking, emphasizing throughout that the patient has the choice to change, thereby empowering the patient.


MET/CBT5 Video Training for Addiction Professionals, 2007

Mid-Atlantic Addiction Technology Transfer Center

This DVD contains nearly four hours of video vignettes illustrating concepts from the MET-CBT-5 manual developed as part of the Cannabis Youth Treatment project. Therapists are shown demonstrating techniques from the MET-CBT-5 sessions with actors portraying adolescent clients. The DVD is intended to be used as a supplement to classroom MET-CBT-5 training.


Implementing Motivational Interviewing in Correctional Settings: An Interview with Dr. Miller, 2009

This presentation is an extended interview with Dr. William Miller regarding the utilization of motivational interviewing (MI) in correctional settings. Topics discussed include: background of MI; MI in corrections; how MI works; the spirit of MI; implementing MI; MI applications; MI in assessment; brief and one-time MI; essentials of MI; MI roll-out; MI training; supervisor’s role; MI research; implications for policy makers; and implications for supervisors and MI coaches. The resources contained on the CD-ROM are transcripts of the video presentation and a copy of “Motivating Offenders to Change.” Available at no charge from the National Institute of Corrections


Guiding the Learning of Motivational Interviewing: A Resource for Trainers
This 4-set DVD captures the highlights of an introductory 3-day MI training facilitated by Steven Malcolm Berg-Smith in December 2008. The DVD is intended to be used as a resource for MI trainers to closely observe a training in action, and in the process, gather new ideas for guiding the learning of MI in a group format.


This might include ideas for:



The Emergency Practitioner and the Unhealthy Drinker

Brief video presentations and demonstrations from a training curriculum by Yale University for physicians on screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT).


Interactive Cases: SBIRT in Action

A series of brief demonstrations from the Boston University School of Public Health, showing use of MI by physicians and nurses in a brief SBIRT protocol with


What Makes it Motivational Interviewing?

Presentation by Miller and Rollnick at the International Conference on Motivational Interviewing,

Stockholm, Sweden, June 2010.



Motivational Interviewing on VIMEO

Motivational Interviewing on Youtube

There are a significant number of video examples and related items concerning Motivational Interviewing on the web. While we do not endorse the accuracy or scientific rigor of any of these materials, the following links are provided for your consideration: