Skills and Tools


Handout #1

This document summarizes the types of Change Talk, methods for evoking change talk, and ways of rolling with resistance.


Ten Stategies Handout

This document summarizes ten strategies for Eliciting Change Talk.


MI High/Low

This document provides descriptions of high and low skill levels for the discrete MI skills found in the MIA:STEP model.


RTC Tool

This brief tool can be used to assist clients in assessing their readiness to change.


Importance and Confidence

This document summarizes strategies for assessing client importance and confidence about change.


Skills Tip Sheet

This document is a brief summary of various MI skills and concepts.


How It Works

This document is an example of a “scripted” approach to an MI session.


EPE Handout

This document contains information about using the Eliciti – Provide – Elicit technique in abrief intervention context.


Strength Cards

This document a set of “cards” that can be used to help clients think about and identify positive strengths in the lives.


Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change


Motivational Interviewing Self-evaluation Checklist